Petrol price hike: 7 essential fuel saving tips

Petrol price hike: 7 essential fuel saving tips

With prices of petrol and diesel constantly rising, people are considering various tips for saving their costs and increasing the efficiency of their vehicles. One of the most beneficial ways to limit the cost of fuel is by ensuring that your is able to cover more distance on every tankful. By changing the way you maintain and drive your vehicle, you can extract more kilometres out of each litre of fuel and save fuel. 

You can use these essential fuel saving tips to get the best out of your vehicle and ensure fuel economy.

Here are 7 essential fuel saving tips amid hiking petrol prices: 

1. Regularly maintain your vehicle

You can effectively save fuel by ensuring that your vehicle is properly and regularly maintained. Keep those wheels aligned, ensure that the air filter is clean, and use high-quality energy conserving oils. These simple tips can prevent the fuel costs from burning a hole in your pocket. 

2. Drive mindfully

Jammed streets are not meant for rash driving. Practice fuel-efficient driving by ensuring that you are not driving aggressively on packed roads. Accelerating on open roads can help in increasing fuel consumption. 

3. Rely on cruise control on highway

If your vehicle provides the benefit of cruise control, make the most of it. It helps in avoiding unnecessary speed changes when driving on the highway. Furthermore, during uphill driving, there will be no need for stepping foot on the accelerate. Driving at a steady pace can take the fuel tank a long way. 

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4. Do not keep the vehicle idle for long

Significantly, a vehicle is consuming fuel when the engine is left in neutral mode. Therefore, it is advised to turn the engine off at crossings, red lights, and traffic jams. It is also important to note that restarting the vehicle engine can take about the same amount of fuel as keeping it idle for about 30 seconds. So, it is cost-effective to turn off the engines and save petrol. 

5. Use Air Conditioners sparingly

Air conditioners are one of the biggest drains on fuel for your vehicles. An essential fuel saving tip would be to use the air conditioner sparingly. During good weather conditions, roll down those windows to enjoy the pleasant breeze. Park in the shade if possible to prevent the fuel from evaporating. By ensuring mindful use of ACs, you can reduce your fuel consumption by 5-20%. 

6. Keep tires inflated to correct pressure

By keeping your vehicle’s tyre pressure at the recommended level, you can cut fuel costs by 2% per pound of pressure. You can check the vehicle’s doorpost sticker for reference on minimum tire inflation pressure. It is a major fuel-saving booster. 

7. Carpool

It is one of the best methods by which you can save petrol as well as costs. Carpooling with your friends, colleagues and family members by creating a specific route can help in saving in huge numbers. Alternate driving can provide various benefits to all participants. 

Follow these nifty but essential fuel-saving tips and reduce those petrol and diesel bills.

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