How to lower your fuel consumption?

How to lower your fuel consumption?

Speaking of vigilance, it is essential that one tries to visit the company-operated fuel stations only. Some franchised fuel stations program their fuel dispensers in a way that they show higher readings.

In autofill mode, the meter starts before the dispenser pumps fuel into the tank. This results in the meter displaying a higher reading after the tank fills up.

For example, if a car has a 60-liter fuel tank, a compromised dispenser shows a fillup reading of up to 45-50 liters. 

Therefore, it is favorable to either ask the staff member to manually fill the fuel to reduce the odds of wrong reading. One must ensure to only visit company-operated service stations to escape being scammed.

Try to fill up your fuel tank early in the morning when the ground is cold. All service stations have underground tanks to store fuel. The colder the ground, the thicker the oil, and the less likely it is to vaporize.

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When fuel gets warm, it becomes prone to vaporizing. Buying fuel in the afternoon or evening can alter its quantity. Specific gravity and temperature have an impact on the quality and quantity of diesel, petrol, and other petroleum products. 

While refueling your car, advise the staff member against squeezing the nozzle to pump faster. The trigger has three levels: slow, medium, and high. 

Your driving style has an influence on your car’s fuel economy. Steady and smooth driving really does win the race of fuel economy. Gentle acceleration and resorting to the highest safe gear should use less fuel.

While approaching a junction or a signal, ease the throttle and let your car slow down by itself. While driving away from a standstill, accelerate slowly rather than suddenly stomping on the throttle

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