PDM to reach Islamabad on March 23


On Tuesday, the Pakistan Democratic Movement (PDM) announced that its long march against inflation would be held on March 23rd.

PDM Chief Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman addressed the media after a meeting of the leaders of the PDM component parties.

“The PDM will enter Islamabad. The PDM will stage its long march on the given date. As far as the parade is concerned, it would begin early in the morning and wrap up by Zuhr prayers. Thus, we have decided that we will come after Zuhr prayers.”

Rehman said the ‘artificial honesty’ of Imran Khan was exposed after Transparency International’s report.

“The TI has unveiled the ‘artificial honesty’ to the PTI government.”

Maulana said Imran Khan should be ashamed that the country slipped from 117th to 140th place in the corruption perception index. “They still want to rig the next general elections with the aid of electronic voting machines.”

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He said the people had realised their rights and would throw Imran Khan out of the power corridors.

“The government is the most corrupt and incompetent in Pakistan’s history, he said.

Rehman didn’t say anything on the option of the no-confidence move.

Experts are of the opinion that all the opposition parties are not on one page on the issue.

However, during the meeting, Rehman suggested that there would be no need for a no-confidence move if the government’s allies joined the opposition. He was of the view that PM Khan had been found clogged in the foreign funding case after concealing 22 accounts. “A person not drawing basic salary was disqualified and a person hiding 22 bank accounts is being given protection,” he said.

He said the rights of Balochistan and Sindh and the people residing there should be recognised whether they are related to Reko Diq mines or the islands.

It is pertinent to state that PMLN President Shahbaz Sharif, Vice President Maryam Nawaz and Ahsan Iqbal took part in the PDM meeting via video link.

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