Pakistan Extending Afghan Refugees’ Stay in a Time of Need

pakistan extending afghan refugees' stay in a time of need

pakistan extending afghan refugees’ stay in a time of need

Pakistan has taken a compassionate and pragmatic step by extending the stay of registered Afghan refugees within its borders. This decision offers a ray of hope to those who have sought shelter in Pakistan during times of turmoil in Afghanistan. The move demonstrates Pakistan’s commitment to providing temporary refuge and support to Afghan refugees.

The decision to extend the stay of registered Afghan refugees was made during an apex committee meeting of the National Action Plan (NAP) under the leadership of Caretaker Prime Minister Anwaarul Haq Kakar. This decision was reached after the government had previously set a deadline of October 31 for all foreign nationals residing illegally in the country to leave voluntarily or face deportation. It reflects a balance between Pakistan’s national security concerns and its humanitarian obligations.

The extension of the Proof of Registration (POR) card-holder Afghan refugees’ stay, which expired on June 30, 2023, is indeed a welcome gesture.

This decision doesn’t just help registered Afghan refugees but also their families who rely on them. They now get an extra six months, until December 31, to stay in Pakistan. This gives them some stability and a chance to continue their lives and jobs.

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Pakistan has a history of helping Afghan refugees for a long time. This extension shows that Pakistan is still committed to helping those who need it. It shows how important it is for countries to work together and take care of people who have to leave their homes because of problems.

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This decision protects the rights and respect of Afghan refugees and also helps keep things stable in the country.  It’s a good move that shows Pakistan is being responsible in the global community when there’s a crisis that affects people in a big way.

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