Pakistan Enaam Ahmad in US Racing

Pakistan Enaam Ahmad in US Racing

Pakistani formula Racer Enaam Ahmad aimed to score a top rank in US racing, pinnacle of American racing. The new season of racing is starting in few days and Enaam Ahmad is aiming to score a good place with his brilliant performance.

Enaam Ahmad made his debut from Indy NXT series in streets of St. Petersburg in Florida. The twenty-three year old carried Pakistani flag during the race all around the United States making the nation proud.

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Ahmad passed the final pre-season testing in Miami, hopes of his win are quite high after that. Enaam Ahmad scored fastest laps in shortest time against many expert racers from all around the world.

What is Indy NXT ?

The Indy NXT is single seater race in United States, their 500-mile motor race is also known as Indy 500 around the world. It is a very unique and competitive championship allowing drivers to race on street circuits.

Fast flowing racing tracks, ovals and non stop high action formula cars are used in this race. This year Indy NXT started with a street race on March 5, 2023, Enaam Ahmad also joined the squad, with a quick start he moved up in race with his talent in racing.

It is the second successful year of Enaam Ahmad participating in US racing. In a quick interview Enaam Ahmad said that, “I really see America as growing and I like the way American people are in racing. They don’t care where you come from or what you look like if you are good, they give you an opportunity and a chance which I think is phenomenal”.

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He added that, Americans respect everyone a lot, they don’t focus on where you are from. If anyone is good, they support them.

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