Pak Business Express Narrowly Escapes Major Accident

pak business express narrowly escapes major accident

pak business express narrowly escapes major accident

The Pak Business Express train Narrowly averted a major accident when its locomotive and a bogie derailed near Kutabpur Railway Station, Jahanian, on its journey from Lahore to Karachi. The incident has Prompted the Closure of the Khanewal-Lodhran Railway Section.

Officials from Pakistan Railways reported that fortunately, no major injuries or Casualties occurred as a result of the derailment. However, the disruption has led to a temporary closure of the affected railway Section affecting the train’s route from Lahore to Karachi.

To manage the Situation railway authorities have decided to divert all trains to the Multan railway section for the Karachi route. Additionally, efforts are underway to move the affected Pak Business Express train to the Khanewal railway Station for further examination and Maintenance.

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This incident follows a tragic derailment in August where the Hazara Expres, traveling from Karachi to Rawalpindi derailed near Nawab Shah, resulting in 30 fatalities and over 100 injuries. The Hazara Express incident Occurred near Saharai Railway Station causing ten Bogies to veer off the tracks leading to Chaos and injuries among the Passengers.

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While the recent derailment of the Pak Business Express did not result in severe Consequences it underscores the importance of Ongoing efforts to enhance railway safety measures and infrastructure. Railway Authorities will likely Conduct a thorough investigation into the Cause of the Derailment to Prevent Similar incidents in the Future and ensure the Safety of Passengers on Pakistan’s rail Network.

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