No Choice But To Accept IMF’s Dictation: Govt

No Choice But To Accept IMF’s Dictation: Govt

PTI Administration Had Brought Nation Dangerously Close To Bankruptcy: Sherry Rehman

Federal Minister for Climate Change Senator Sherry Rehman claimed on Wednesday that the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) administration had brought the nation dangerously close to bankruptcy and that the current coalition government had no choice but to present the budget under the direction and conditions of the International Monetary Fund (IMF). 

Budget Is Undoubtedly From The IMF

This budget is undoubtedly from the IMF. In the National Assembly’s general debate on the federal budget for the fiscal year 2022–23, which went on for nearly three hours without a quorum, Ms. Rehman remarked, “There is no doubt about it.” 

Sherry Rehman Criticized PTI Administration

Almost every legislator, save from Ms. Rehman, criticized the PTI administration and its leader Imran Khan for supposedly wrecking the nation’s economy. 

She said that the PTI government had led the nation toward default during its four years in power by saying, “If this is an IMF budget, then who has linked us to the IMF?”

PTI Was Still Determined To Destabilize Nation’s Economy

She claimed that despite having put the nation’s economy on life support, the PTI was still determined to destabilize it. 

Despite knowing they might pay a high political price for it in the upcoming general elections, Ms. Rehman defended the coalition parties’ decision to form the government after ousting the previous prime minister Imran Khan through a vote of no confidence, stating that if they had not done so, the nation was on track to default like Sri Lanka. 

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“Pakistan was speeding down the hill like a locomotive on a slick surface. Only brakes have been applied by the new unity administration. Crisis management is what this is,” Ms. Rehman said, adding that no government intended to burden its people. She also informed the chamber that the country will have to make some more challenging choices. 

PTI Government Had Exposed The Nation To The Entire International Financial System

She claimed that the PTI government had exposed the nation to the entire international financial system by first tying the new administration to the worst IMF agreement and then breaking it. 

She said: “Unfortunately, they continue to fan the flames of political instability in the country, which is incredibly dangerous for Pakistan, especially today. They have left the economy in ruins.” 

“When the PTI took office, they promised to eradicate corruption. Instead, Pakistan dropped from 117th to 140th in the Transparency International Corruption Index. Remember the foreign presents Imran Khan purchased at deep discounts only to resell them abroad,” she urged, noting that the PTI had made commitments to the IMF, taken out loans, and spent money on unsustainable programs.

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