Nawaz Describes Trials in ‘Heart-to-Heart’ With Media

Nawaz Sharif

PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif

In a pre-recorded interview that was shown on Sunday, former prime minister and PML-N leader Nawaz Sharif discussed the difficulties he and his family had faced since the death of his wife, Kulsoom Nawaz. 

“I recall all those situations, how my wife was on her deathbed, and how viciously we were treated,” he stated. “I remember all those individuals who were making fun of us.” 

Avenfield Reference

“I also recall saying, ‘My wife is very ill and is in a coma,’ when I learned that the sentence [in the Avenfield reference] was going to be issued on the sixth [of July, 2018]. I don’t know what the problem was, but they disregarded my request.” 

“I informed Maryam they have declared the decision and we will go [back],” he claimed, adding that the goal was to have Nawaz Sharif’s choice announced prior to the polls. 

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Returning to Kulsoom, who passed away while he was gone in the UK, he stated, “You must have seen the videos. We were trying to wake her awake. After saying our goodbyes, we left for Pakistan. You can see what they did to us right after we landed. After winning her case, Maryam came today to demonstrate the falsity of the prosecution and penalty.” 

Kot Lakhpat Jail

“Why did we have to endure these 200 to 250 [court] appearances, and why were valuable five years of our lives wasted?” he questioned. “I have a right to ask this, someone has to be held responsible. Can I not also ask that the jail staff inform us that NAB had arrived and wanted to arrest Maryam when she came to meet me in Kot Lakhpat Jail?” he said. 

“There was no justification for this arrest; it was just carried out in front of my eyes to hurt me. Couldn’t this arrest have occurred at a different time?” 

Then he declared that he intended to inform Imran Khan that such events occurred under his administration “which never happened in any other time.” 

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