NAB once again summoned Imran Khan

NAB once again summoned Imran Khan

The National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Rawalpindi has once again summoned the PTI Chief Imran Khan in the case of alleged misuse of power and the sale of Toshakhana case. The call-up notice stated that the NAB’s inquiry has entered into the investigation phase.

The Toshakhana issue became a major sticking point in national politics after the Election Commission of Pakistan disqualified Imran Khan for false statements and wrong declarations.

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The statement by the Election Commission of Pakistan stated that Imran Khan, former Prime Minister of Pakistan was found to be involved in corrupt practices under the sections 167 and 173 of constitution.

The statement added, “A criminal proceeding will be initiated against him over filing a false statement. As per the statement of Imran Khan he had purchased the gifts from Toshakhana paying 21.564 million rupees while the Cabinet Division said that the gifts had a value of 107.943 million.

Imran for 9 May incidents

Former Prime Minister Imran Khan is also booked in violence cases happened on May 9, although the leader was in jail but he commanded his followers to attack the national institutions with proper planning.

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The 9 May violators destroyed Jinnah House Lahore, GHQ Rawalpindi and Radio Pakistan, Peshawar. A lot of other buildings were destroyed and leaders were attacked by violators.

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