More Changes in Twitter

More Changes in Twitter

The CEO of Twitter Elon Musk announced that the ever-popular microblogging platform Twitter is expecting more changes in a better way. The app is expecting to get a makeover which would prove to be beneficial in all ways.

Elon Musk recently changed the iconic Twitter bird logo and is planning to change the name of Twitter to ‘X’. He is also planning to change the platform’s colour scheme.

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The platform allows users to choose between three colours which are ‘Default’, ‘Dim’, and ‘Lights out’, which are white, grey and black. Elon Musk also revealed that soon the platform will only have dark mode.

Blue Tick or Black Tick

One of the users asked Elon Musk if he is planning to change Twitter’s blue verification checkmark to black and white theme to match the new ‘X’ logo. The user tweeted, ‘Blue tick or Black tick?’.

Elon Musk replied to the tweet as, ‘I like black too but it won’t work in the dark mode’. Other Twitter users also came in the ground and shared their ideas about changes.

One wrote, “Genius idea”, while other wrote, “Can’t wait”. Musk is planning to potentially change the app to an everything app. The X logo was changed to rebrand the microblogging website.

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Elon Musk expressed his wish to make more alterations in Twitter’s logo, he also conducted a poll among his millions of followers, seeking their ideas on changing the colour scheme from blue to black.

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