Karachi: Leader of ‘White Corolla Gang’ arrested

The kingpin of the ‘White Corolla’ gang and the most wanted criminal of Karachi was arrested by police on Wednesday.

Imran, aka Kukri, was arrested in an injured condition after he had an encounter with the police at Aligarh Society near Karachi’s Sohrab Goth area.

According to police, Imran is the kingpin of the infamous White Corolla gang. Police said Imran operates a gang composed of Afghan nationals. He is also involved in robberies at about 200 residences in the port city.

The police recovered an illegal weapon, fake number plates, and a Corolla vehicle from his possession. According to media reports, Imran used to change his car’s number plates after each robbery. He has been shifted to an undisclosed locale for further probe.

It is pertinent to state that this is not the first time that members of the ‘White Corolla’ gang have been arrested. In December last year, police claimed to have held four alleged criminals belonging to the gang from the city.

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As per details, the gang is known for committing robberies in Clifton and suburbs during weekends.

The accused were involved in robberies in bungalows from 6 to 8 November and have confessed to their crimes.

The police said the accused committed robberies in about 15 bungalows on weekends. “They lived in a rented house with half of it held by the dacoits. The remaining was filled by their families,” the authorities said.

Moreover, the kingpin of the gang used to drive a water tanker in the port city besides driving buses between Peshawar and Karachi. “The arrested have been identified as Asif khan, Nasir Shah aka Haji, Sardar and Raj Wali,” police said. The authorities revealed that a case has been registered against the accused, and a further probe was being launched in the matter to arrest other members of the while corolla gang.

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