Is Meghan Markle divorcing Prince Harry ?

Is Meghan Markle divorcing Prince Harry ?

Samantha Markle, sister of Meghan Markle said that, she has seen many signs that Meghan and Prince Harry are soon going to breakup their relationship and dicorce each other.

Samantha, sister of former actress Meghan Markle once again talked about her sister’s married kife and attacked the Duke an Duchess of Sussex regarding their relationship.

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She claimed this in an interview with Channel 7 that Meghan and Harry are really in a toxic relationship. They both are carrying this relationship but this is unhealthy for both of them.

Duke and Duchess are Unhealthy for each other

She also made this claim to GB news after the recent outing of family, she said that, “Their bonding is not healthy for each other in many ways”.

The 58-year-old said that, she sees signs that Meghan was at Loggerheads with Prince Harry, as she can be seen stopping her husband when he leans in for a lip lock.

She added that, “It is so different and so inconsistent with her character, in all the photographs she was pining over him, putting her hands all over him, grabbing his hands, grabbing his back”.

This is different, and just a symbol of separation. Samantha ignited the rumours saying, she is not all that touchy feely right now.

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The sister of Duchess of Sussex also said that, “It is kind of sad, it is telling the rest of the world, all of us that they are at an impasse and matbe they are making decisions to part”. To the world it is sad as the couple started their relationship with a lot of love as well as opposition from Prince Harry’s family.

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