How to survive during loadshedding?

How to survive during loadshedding?

Go Solar

Install a solar geyser or get solar lamps to put outside in the garden. Take them inside when the lights are out. There is a solar cellphone charger available as well. You can put it on your dashboard while you are driving and if you get home and there is no electricity, you can still get your phone charged.

Get gas

Gas stoves are a popular choice for people building a new home or re-doing their kitchen. There is also the portable option – buying a camping gas stove. This way you can have cooked food or boil the kettle even if there is no electricity.

Empty plastic drink bottles

Use empty plastic drink bottles and fill them with water to place in your deep freeze. If the power is out, you can take them out to put them in your fridge to keep your food cold until the power comes back on. This also will have an extra freezing in the deep freeze to keep your meats at bay from thawing.

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Battery operated lights 

You can get torches, lanterns, and other battery operated lights to keep around the house when the power goes out. It is less dangerous than using just candles.

Get a head torch or cap 

Many of these are available at your local hardware store. You can have the head torch around your head or get a cap with a light so that you can move around the house easily, without finding your way in the dark.

Get a generator

This is the more expensive option, but depending on your requirements and your budget, getting a generator can be a good idea. You can get those that keep the entire house powered or smaller ones to keep the fridge running and perhaps the tv on.

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