Historic Maternity & Paternity Leave passed in Pakistan

Historic Maternity & Paternity Leave passed in Pakistan

National Assembly of Pakistan finally passed the bill of Maternity and Paternity leave bill which was pending from 2020. The vote on Monday made the bill applicable allowing leave for mother and father following six and four months of duration.

The legilation will be applied in all provinces of Pakistan allowing fathers to take three one-month leaves during the childbirth process. This is the first time in history of Pakistan that paternity leave is accepted.

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Punishment regarding violation

The employer violation of paternity or matermity leave act will lead to six months in jail or fine of Rs 100,000 or both. The law will be applied to both public and private sector employees.

It will definately take time to implemenr the law in whole country as it is only working in Islamabad right now.

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The main aim behind the law is to recognize the role of both parenrs in the childbirth process so that they both should equally take steps towards ensuring personal as well as child’s well-being.

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