High tides of Cyclone hitting New Zealand

High tides of Cyclone hitting New Zealand

Cyclone tides are causing huge flooding, land sliding, and massive ocean swells, forcing people to leave their places and stand on rooftops. It is for the third time in history that this type of cyclone is hitting the state of New Zealand. Prime Minister Chris Hipkins declared a National emergency as a lot of homes went without power, families were displaced and excessive damage was done across the country.

The Cyclone was 100 kilometers east of Auckland, near the east coast of the country. Minister of Emergency management of New Zealand told that it is the worst wave of the storm in country, more rain and heavy winds are still expected.

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He added that a lot of people became homeless due to flooding, landslide and damage to infrastructure. The Cyclone is moving towards the south Island and weather conditions are also bad. We are calling for a national-level emergency and citizens are advised to stay near to each other.

National Emergency in country

Authorities cleared the places near beaches and people are advised to leave their homes as tides are rising and there are more chances of flood. Mobile phone services are also down because of no power in the country.

Prime Minister said that there is still not any news of death and it is not confirmed how many people are injured and displaced. The Parliament meetings are also delayed till 21st February because of the cyclone. Pictures of People sitting on rooftops looking for help and all the buildings surrounded by flood water are circulating all over the internet.

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New Zealand Navy also turned on its emergency beacon to help people. It is the third National emergency situation after the 2011 earthquake and Covid-19 hit in 2020.

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