Has Rakhi Sawant Converted to Islam?

Has Rakhi Sawant Converted to Islam?

Rakhi Sawant Nikkah Ceremony

Rakhi Sawant, the most known dancer in India and a participant on Bigg Boss, has confirmed that she is married. Sawant released photographs of her romantic Nikkah ceremony with her long-term boyfriend, Adil Khan Durrani, shocking media outlets with the greatest news of 2023. However, the biggest surprise was that the 44-year-old actress changed her identity to be with her partner.

The Na Tum Jaano Na Hum actress posted images of herself on Instagram wearing a white and pink sharara with a beige dupatta draped over her head as she and Durrani signed documents. Sawant and Durrani also posed with garlands (varmalas) around their necks while holding their marriage license.

Rakhi Changed her Name and Converted to Islam

Fans with keen eyesight saw that the marriage document listed Rakhi as Rakhi Sawant Fatima, implying that she changed her name and converted to Islam. Moreover, it appears that the marriage registration was completed last year.

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Sawant shared photos of her Nikkah ceremony on Instagram with the statement, “Finally, I’m very thrilled and eager to get married; my love for Adil is forever and unwavering.”

Interview with Times of India

In an interview with Times of India, the Joru Ka Ghulam actor stated, “Yes, I married Adil last July after knowing him for three months.” We had both a nikah and a judicial wedding. Since he forbade me from revealing it, I have stayed silent for the last seven months. He believed that it would be difficult for his sister to find a spouse if word got out about our marriage. “According to him, if you link yourself with Rakhi Sawant, then you have called humiliation upon yourself,” she explained.

“Recent events transpired when I was locked up in the Bigg Boss Marathi 4 home. I will speak when the moment is appropriate. All I want at this time is to salvage my marriage. I want the world to know that Adil and I are married.” She continued, “Because I am really anxious, it is necessary that everyone knows about my wedding.”

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