Grant Theft Auto 6 Video Shows How Incredible Vice City could look like

Grant Theft Auto 6 Video Shows How Incredible Vice City could look like

Grand Theft Auto Vice city is based on a young street hustler, a retired bank robber and a psychopath finding ways to struggling and making more money along with saving themselves from police in Los Angeles living under the criminal world.

GTA gamers can play the game on playstation, Xbox series and normal PCs. From the past few years with the start of research on gaming, GTA is one of the most popular game that faced criticism on its updates and graphics.

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The latest version of GTA-6 is out now with a lot of news circulation on internet around the world. The official company announced to release the updated version of GTA 6 soon but seems like the game already had a major leak before official launch.

Someone from the unknown sources took the liberty and gave everyone an early look of game which fans are not accepting easily. The earlier leak gave the details about female lead character in GTA 6 and updated map info. GTA 6 will have same players roaming around the streets but changed female lead character is putting up questions in gamers mind.

Some of the fans are commenting that it would be the most good-looking and exciting version of GTA. While some of the scholars are also criticising the bold graphics and body language used in game. GTA 5 was released in 2013, feels like ages ago but it also faced a lot of criticism from researchers.

After viewing the leaked teaser of GTA 6 fans are demanding for some solid information and release date of game, according to the sources game is expected to release in late 2023 or in beginning of 2024.

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Till the final release of GTA 6, fans can do imagination edits and release content on the game. Such as the latest one released by TeaserPlay which make the hottest talk of the town on internet.

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