Generator, UPS price doubled

Generator, UPS price doubled

According to the latest reports, prices of various electronic appliances increased even before the arrival of summer season. Consumers should be prepared for major hikes in prices of generators and UPS.

The increase in prices of electric appliances resulted because of State Bank‘s decision of curb in imports of raw materials. The decision of increasing prices not only proved as disaster for consumers as well as for manufacturers.

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The prices of two major electric and power alternates Generator and UPS increased doubled as the last year. Generator and UPS both are operated with the help of batteries. According to reports, a 50 amp battery cost rise up to Rs 10000-11000 and 200 amp battery cost up to Rs 42000-44000.

A battery dealer told media that the prices have gone up after the PDM government took over the charge, the prices of used batteries also increased. A used battery of 60 amp now costs Rs 3000-4000.

Import curbs leading to price hike

The dealers in market also complained about manufacturers who are continously jacking up the prices on various products. Government is not paying attention to check the prices from industries.

The prices of dry batteries also increased on the same jump, according to the details the net sales of Atlas Batteries also increased from Rs 20 billion to 25 billion from last year. The import curb also caused same problem for generator suppliers

One of the Generator dealer told media that we have been waiting since July last year for State Bank to allow import of generators. The continuous limitations has created a lot of issues for local industry as well.

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With frequent power outrages in winter season, consumers are still unaware of prices hike. But with power shortage and inflation, it would be hard for citizens to think about low cost generators and UPS batteries.

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