Flood alert on Ravi river

Flood alert on Ravi river

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) issued a fresh warning regarding the possibility of floods in River Ravi after India released 185,000 cusecs of water from Ujh Barrage.

The NDMA stated, “Considering the previous record approximately 65,000 cusecs is expected to reach within the next 20-24 hours. The water from India may lead to low floods in the flood-plain areas of Punjab Jassar region”.

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Taking it to Twitter, the NDMA authority wrote, “As per PCIW, India has released approximately 185,000 cusecs water from Ujh Barrage, last year India had also released 173,000 cusecs and one third of released water reached at Jassar causing low flood level”.

The tweet added, “Likely impact: As per flood limits of River Ravi at Jassar, low flood in the flood-plain areas is expected”.

Safety measures and guidelines

The public is advised to stay informed and take safety measures in order to avoid any serious situation. The local administration and agencies have made arrangements to deal with any emergency conditions.

There is also a possibility of heavy rains in Lahore, Sialkot, and Narowal with a risk of flooding in rivers.

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The water flow in all rivers is being monitored regularly and all departments are active to deal with emergency situations.

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