First Premarital Counselling clinic in Rawalpindi

First Premarital Counselling clinic in Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi got its first Premarital Counselling Clinic, with the help of Norway and under the supervision of District Health Authority, the Premarital Counselling clinic will help couples take decisions about important issues.

It will also help couple better plan and prepare for marriage. The Clinic has been inaugurated at the Rural Health Centre Khayaban e Sir Syed, it will also help couples in family planning decisions before marriage.

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Other Clinics will also be established in seven different rural health centres to upgrade family planning and maternal and child health facilities.

Quality Life and Proper planning

Keeping in view the importance of quality life and proper planning, the programme will help families for timely family planning, it will help in enhancing quality life for families as well as their children.

The project aims to make the family planning programme a success by providing parents and children with quality life, education and better employment rate based on better skills and successful life.

Growing population is creating issues in health facilities, employment and social problems, it is the right time to address issues about family planning and better counselling for couples before marriage.

This Premarital Counselling Clinic is established with the help of Norway funds for Family Planning Services, the representative from Norway said that, Through family planning programme, heavy expenses on health sector can be reduced and parents can have better opportunity to raise their kids well.

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For the success of pre-marriage counselling, a district-wide campaign is also launched so that couples get to know about the importance of counselling for happy married life.

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