Explosion in Texas Dairy Farm

Explosion in Texas Dairy Farm

Explosion at South Fork Dairy Farm near the town of Dimmitt in United States killed more than 18000 cows and one person is in critical condition. According to the first hand investigation methane gas released from machinery is the reason of explosion.

After getting the report of explosion, police and emergency team immediately arrived the spot where one person was found trapped who had to be rescued and shifted to hospital quickly.

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The number of dead cows is still unknown but local authorities told police that, approximately 18000 cows were inside the farm.

Three Million Farm Animals died in US

According to the reports, Nearly three million animals died in United States from 2018 to 2021. Farming industry is focused on the issue to encourage farm safety and adopt fire safety measure in the farms.

While talking to investigation team, local Sheriff Sal Rivera said that, cattles had been lost after the blaze spread to the area in which cows were held before taken to a milking area. There are some that survived but some are badly injured to point where they will have to be destroyed.

The investigators believed that fire might have started with a machine referred as ‘honey badger’ which is used as vacuum that sucks the manure and water out. The machine got overheated and methane along with other gases ignited and spread out for explosion.

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According to media reports, 6.5 million farm animals have been killed in fire explosions from 2013, in which 6 million were chickens and 7300 were cows.

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