Cross border Pubg love story

Cross border Pubg love story

There are a lot of movies when heroes travel miles and miles to get their love of life but it became real when a woman from Pakistan crossed the border illegally with four kids to meet her love of life in India.

Woman named Seema Ghulam Haider in her late 20s met with Sachin, an Indian guy through popular online game PUBG, their game and talks turned into love resulting in a daring journey of Seema towards India.

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Woman Seema with her four kids had been residing in rented house located in Rabupura by man named Sachin. She entered India illegally by crossing the border through Nepal to reach Uttar Pardesh in India.

Both the individuals and four children are now in police custody for further investigations. Deputy Commissioner of Police, Saad Miya Khan also confirmed the detention of woman and Indian man.

Impact of online connections

The story about Seema and Sachin is trending on the internet highlighting the importance and impact of online and virtual connections. It serves as a testament to the growing influence of online platforms in shaping our interactions and emotions.

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The current story also highlighted the immigration protocols and security of cross border journeys. People are also eager to know the fate of Seema and Sachi, their cross border love and journey from Pubg to real life.

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