Cabinet allows the release of the movie Zindagi Tamasha

Cabinet allows the release of the movie Zindagi Tamasha

Cabinet allows the release of the movie Zindagi Tamasha

The Senate Committee on Human Rights on Tuesday allowed the release of Humsafar-fame director Sarmad Sultan Khoosat’s movie Zindagi Tamasha. 

The committee said that while reviewing the movie, they found nothing wrong with the script or the scenes shown in it dismissing all objections against it. 

“Senate HR committee has unanimously agreed with Censor board’s decision to allow screening of movie “zindagi tamasha”. We’ve found nothing wrong with it. Censor board has our go ahead to release post Covid. Detailed reasoning to follow later,” tweeted Pakistan Peoples’ Party Senator Mustafa Nawaz Khokar who led the review panel. 

He said the country’s censor board has been allowed to release the movie after the Covid-19 crisis. 

Khoosat’s movie Zindagi Tamasha faced resistance from extremist elements who criticised the contents of the movie. Following the movie’s trailer release, the government had asked the movie producers to delay the release of the movie and had said the decision would be taken by the Council of Islamic Ideology which would review the content for its religious sensitivity

The government’s decision to postpone the release was forced by the Tehreek-e-Labaik Pakistan’s Leader Khadim Hussain Rizvi, who said that he would never allow the release of the movie under any circumstances. 

He had then said that “the Council of Islamic Ideology is well aware about what is depicted in the film and so, it can be said with surety that it will not get a release in Pakistan.” 

“How can any authority or department allow the release of such a film that seeks to damage religious beliefs and Islamic concepts? We are hopeful that no one will allow the release of this film.”

Although the film’s premise is unknown at the moment, the trailer released by the producers on YouTube shows that it revolves around a naat-khawan who gets shunned by the society for some of his opinions. 

The film’s soundtrack has received positive responses from audiences.

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