Basant turned bloody in Rawalpindi

Basant turned bloody in Rawalpindi

Basant turned bloody into Rawalpindi causing death of a 20 year old boy including more than 50 people injured in hospitals. Government put a ban on celebrating Basant but people are still not listening to police and management.

Last month, strict rules were implemented by Rawalpindi administration under section 144, issuing crackdown orders in 33 police stations. Police announced strict action against the kites and strings manufacturers. Police also banned on buying and selling of kites from all other cities.

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Despite the restrictions, kite enthusiastic continued to flout the ban and celebrated the ancient spring festival of flying kites from their rooftops. 20 year old Arham Fazal died due to a hit by stray bullet in the head. After the incident rescue officials and police team reached the spot.

The police officials said that no one is allowed to put citizen’s lives into danger. The acid soaked strings and piano wires used in Basant are really dangerous causing terrible injuries to people on roads including bikers on roads.

The participants of Basant also practice firing into air which is also causing injuries and deaths in garrison city. Despite the ban and strict orders by Punjab government, Rawalpindi Kite flying association announced the celebrations of Basant in city and cantonment areas.

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An officials of SP Potohar Division also sustained injuries in his arm after a stray bullet hit in his arm. The District police claimed that strict actions has been taken against the law brakers and dozens of people are under arrest to control the violators.

RPO Rawalpindi Syed Khurram Ali also ordered the SSP operations to take strict actions against the house owners and paying guests for allowing kite flying on rooftops.

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