Pakistani artist have donated their art for Covid-19 fundraiser

Pakistani artist have donated their art for Covid-19 fundraiser

Pakistani artist have donated their art for Covid-19 fundraiser

This time, Pakistan’s art brotherhood has stepped up to play its part as Pakistani artist have donated their art for Covid-19 fundraiser.

Prints for Pandemic Relief, a new campaign led and coordinated by three women, Seyhr Qayum, Zuneera Shah and Naeha Rashid, is an international print sales fundraiser mobilizing art to support those impacted by Covid-19.

It brings together local contemporary visual artists who contributed their original artwork — photographs, painting pictures, and digital art — for sale as prints.

Following the model of an extremely popular fundraiser that has recently taken place in New York, Pictures for Elmhurst, Seyhr Qayum,  has joined forces and tried it out in a Pakistani sense and industry. 

She is a multidisciplinary artist currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Fine Art at Pratt Institute, New York.   Her  goal was not only to promote fundraising activities targeted at local aid workers who are best positioned to enter disadvantaged populations, but also to enable artists whose work has halted since the pandemic to return their work to the fore by reproducing original works of art.

Speaking to Images, Zuneera Shah said, “The aim is to put together the cutting-edge work of artists who have been incredibly generous in contributing their work and have helped us to create unlimited editions.” 

Zunnera is one of the organizers and a gender and development specialist at CGAP who has contributed as an independent fundraiser and relief worker in the light of Covid-19,

Prints for Pandemic Relief has partnered up with a consortium of six grassroots groups, aid members and campaigners who are actively working to provide relief in various areas and regions of Pakistan.

These collaborators include Karachi Bachao Tehreek, SLUMABAD, Corona Solidarity Movement and Humanity First Pakistan, among others.

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