ANALYSIS: No Threat to PTI Despite ECP Ruling

ANALYSIS: No Threat to PTI Despite ECP Ruling

Result of the Election Commission of Pakistan

The Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) is not in immediate danger as a result of the Election Commission of Pakistan’s (ECP) ruling in the case involving unlawful funding, but Imran Khan, the party’s chairman, might not be relieved in the near future. 

On the political front, the choice has justified its fiercest foes to attack the party, particularly by “placing the ball” in the hands of the federal government. 

PTI A Foreign Aided Party

If the government is satisfied based on the information at hand regarding the judgement, it may wait for a proper reference from the commission or take action independently to brand the PTI a foreign-aided party.

Senior counsel Mansoor Usman Awan stated that for the time being, the commission that has shown cause to the party will begin proceedings to determine whether to apply the punishment of confiscating the assets, held to be disclosed as foreign funds. 

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Regulations Governing Political Parties

According to him, under the regulations governing political parties, the commission can determine whether the contributions or donations that a political party accepted were unlawful under Article 6(3) of the Political Parties Order (PPO-2002), and after providing a hearing opportunity, can order confiscation of the funds in favour of the state to be deposited in the government treasury. 

Under the condition of anonymity, a leading attorney stated, “I believe there is a good case for the confiscation of the party finances,” but added that the judgement also has major ramifications and might land the party leader in serious legal trouble. 

ECP Stating That The Party Did Not Receive Any Monies

Because he provided a “certificate or affidavit under his signature” before the ECP stating that the party did not receive any monies that may qualify as illegal financing, the party head cannot disavow him or use the defence that he was not in charge of the accounts. 

However, the judgement has sparked a new round of litigation before the superior courts because the PTI wants to fight the commission’s issuing of the show cause notice before the high court, regardless of what consequences it may have for the senior party members.

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