9 ways to lower your electricity bills this summer season

9 ways to lower your electricity bills this summer season

With Summers hitting the month of April, people start sweating about the electricity bills. Due to excessive heat and humidity, we tend to use air conditioners (ACs), coolers, and refrigerators at an increased rate to keep our homes cool and comfortable. Here are a few simple and effective ways to lower your electricity bills this Summer while enjoying the season the most.

9 ways to lower your electricity bills this Summer:

1. Keep AC and Cooler vents clean

Ensure that you clean the AC filter and cooler vents on a regular basis to use the efficiency intact. A clean filter also helps in rapid cooling of the surrounding. It is important to get the electronics such as ACs clean by changing the filter to lower your electricity usage and the bill. 

2. Keep curtains closed to keep the sun out

Shade is popularly known as the best natural way to keep the place cool during summer. Using thick curtains to keep the sun out will ensure that the room is protected from directed sunlight and is cool for several hours. Hence, the usage of ACs will be limited to reduce the electricity bill this summer. 

3. Store water in earthen pots

Experts have assured that ice cold water is not healthy for the body of all age groups. Therefore, a better alternative is to store water in an earthen pot in the coolest area in the house. This will allow the water to remain cold for hours and make it taste better. At the same time, it will help decrease the load of the fridge and reduce the electricity bill. 

4. Switch to CFL bulbs

Since CFLs use up to 75% less energy, it is going to make a prominent difference in your electricity bills. They are cooler also as compared to fluorescent bulbs. People can also buy solar outdoor lighting for balcony and outdoor spaces to save a lot on the bill. 

5. Use exhaust fans to regulate fresh air

Exhaust fans are highly efficient in cooling the room during the evening and early morning time. They are an inexpensive way to regulate air in the room without the need to turn on the ACs or cooler when positioned strategically. Try this method to reduce the electricity bills this summer season. 

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6. Upgrade to energy savings appliances

While it may sound an expensive way at the beginning, energy saving appliances saves a lot of money in the long-run as they lower the electricity bill exponentially. Checking the stars on the products while buying it will help you in confirming its energy value. More the stars on the sticker of the appliance, the lesser energy it would consume.

7. Air-dry your clothes

Air drying the clothes is an effective time and energy-saving trick to keep your electricity bills lower this summer. Sunlight not only helps in keeping the clothes free from germs, but also keeps the fabric intact. Furthermore, washing and rinsing the clothes with cold water facilitates energy saving. 

8. Unplug appliances after use

Excessive heat can impact the electronics as they suck up all energy. Therefore, it is important to unplug electronic appliances including television, computer, chargers, and washing machines among others when they are not in use to limit the power usage and reduced bill this summer. 

9. Use ACs and cooler mindfully

It is important to use ACs and coolers with timers to limit overusing of the resources. It is a good idea to use the ACs for 2-3 hours to keep the room cool instead of using it throughout the night. Furthermore, it is advisable to set the AC temperature around 24 to cut down on the electricity bill by a large margin.

While these are only a few of the ways to reduce your electricity bills this summer, do you know of any other tricks to ensure limited power consumption while keeping the home cool and comfortable. Share it with us in the in comments section below.

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