7 Most Haunted Places in Pakistan

7 Most Haunted Places in Pakistan

Haunted Locations in Pakistan

You’ve probably heard a lot of tales concerning haunted locations in Pakistan, particularly in Lahore and Karachi. Here is a list of tales that I have heard frequently from various sources, and I’m sure you have heard some of them as well. You shouldn’t risk going there by yourself! 

Bride at Karsaz

Many people have frequently reported sighting a woman on the road in Karsaz, Karachi, dressed in red bride attire. 

Mohatta Palace

A businessman’s holiday home, Mohatta, is rumoured to be haunted by his ghost ever since the British Raj era. Guards have apparently “felt” the presence of specific ghosts during the night, while museum interpreters have reportedly observed numerous artefacts that have relocated or migrated from their original positions. 


The mountain’s name, Chiltan or Chehel-Tan, which is derived from Persian/Balochi, really means “forty bodies.” The house is said to be haunted by the ghosts of forty newborns, according to a local folklore and the mythology that goes along with it. 

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House No. 39-K, PECHS, Karachi

Most individuals swear on seeing a pale woman wearing a white dress going along the street and disappearing at around three in the morning. If you were to tarry around the streets of block 6 at P.E.C.H.S., you would notice a light burning around house No. 39-K. 

Sheikhupura Fort  

There was a time when the queen lived there. The fort is in horrible state since nobody wants to help with its reconstruction because they think the ghosts of those queens are still there. 

Shamshan Ghatt 

In the Pakistani city of Hyderabad, Shamshan Ghat or Crematory is where many believe that ghosts who have passed away but never arrived at their final resting place. It is a location where Hindus execute rituals related to burning and burial, and it is thought to be roughly 250 years old.

This location tops the list if you really want to experience some of the spookiest paranormal phenomena. The guard and other staff members claim to have observed young youngsters entering the area after dusk to play and make strange noises. The kids just emerge out of nowhere and then go; he never saw anyone approaching the entrance. The creepiest thing ever, that! 

Chowkandi Graveyard 

One of Pakistan’s oldest cemeteries, Chowkandi is situated on the National Highway in Karachi and is thought to be at least 600 hundred years old. Nobody tries to visit the cemetery after sundown because it is one of the most haunted and they risk encountering strange or paranormal occurrences.

The local residents claim to have heard shouting, and apparitions have allegedly been seen. Overall, the Chokandi Graveyard has a unique, antiquated charm that draws tourists, yet no one dares to go there after sundown. Not to mention the powerful element of Black Magic, which is frequently practised in this cemetery with a goat’s head.

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