6 ideas to make this Eid special

6 ideas to make this Eid special

For many Muslim families, Eid is a twice-yearly routine that doesn’t change. People get up, pray Fajr, have breakfast, pray, hug Eid Mubarak, come home, have people over, eat, get gifts or Eid money, eat again and sleep.

The intent of this article is to show how you can make Eid the special holiday that it is.

Here is the list of some Eid ideas:

1. Plan in advance

Call a family meeting before Eid and plan what you want to do on the day. Invite others over in the afternoon, and go for dinner at a restaurant in the evening. Discuss ideas with your family, including all of the kids. Talk about the menu and delegate responsibilities instead of dumping the entire workload on mom. Ensure that everyone has a day off from work, school or any other commitments.

2. Clean and decorate the home

Make the house as sparkling clean as you can. Consider whitewashing the house and putting mattresses in the air. Once the house is virtually spotless, glitter it with balloons, lights, streamers, banners, etc. Get the kids involved in this process. Make decorative signs saying “Eid Mubarak” and paste them around the house.

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3. Make special food

Make something special that the family does not normally eat, it can be sour, sweet, or in-between. The point to prove is that Eid is special, and the food we eat on this day should be different from our usual meals.

4. Have the kids make gifts for each other

Arts and crafts are the best tools for making these gifts. They are cheap, personal and save useless trips to the shopping centre.

You can make the kids collect all of the odds they find during the Eid house clean up. Then, make them use these things to ensure strange but meaningful Eid gifts.

6. Buy new clothes

Kids won’t feel Eid is special if they are wearing the same dress that they’ve worn on Eid for the last two years. This is your chance to invest and get them something new. Get everyone to prepare nice clothes for Eid.

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