10 amazing benefits of swimming

10 amazing benefits of swimming

Swimming is one of the best exercises out there. Experts and sports enthusiasts have been preaching the benefits of swimming for many years. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that swimming is healthy and highly beneficial for us.
This blog brings you a list of the benefits of swimming.

  1. Unlike most cardio workouts, swimming engages almost every muscle in your body.

2. If you’re looking for a low-impact form of strength training, dive right into the water as it’s ten times denser than air.

3. Swimming is a lot more effortless than we tell ourselves.

4. Depending on various factors – including stroke, intensity, and body weight – swimming can burn up to 1000 calories per hour.

5. It is an excellent option for anyone but especially those with joint pain or people recovering from an injury or those who are overweight or obese.

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6. Swimming is a lifesaving skill. If you can swim, you can not only protect yourself from drowning but also help others who are.

7. Swimming is an excellent form of cardio, as it requires your heart and lungs to constantly pump oxygenated blood through your body to keep you moving through the pool. A study conducted by the American Heart Association found that swimming 30 minutes a day can reduce a woman’s chance of developing coronary artery disease by 30%.

8. While exercise is a significant mental health boost, being one with the water has been stress-relieving.

9. Swimming can be a natural pain reliever. One study found that swimming not only reduced joint pain and stiffness in people with arthritis but also improved their overall function.

10. While going to the gym may seem like a chore, many people find joy in hopping to the pool.

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