Zindagi Tamasha to release on YouTube

Zindagi Tamasha to release on YouTube

In August, Pakistan celebrates its Independence and freedom, and filmmaker Sarmad Khoosat aims to set something else free. His highly anticipated film, Zindagi Tamasha, which faced numerous controversies and delays, will finally release worldwide on August 4, 2023, on Khoosat Films’ YouTube and Vimeo channels.

Despite facing financial and intellectual setbacks, Sarmad urges audiences to watch the film with an open heart and mind. Zindagi Tamasha had received international acclaim initially, winning awards and being Pakistan’s official Oscar submission.

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However, due to protests from religious groups, it struggled to reach local audiences despite getting clearance from all censor boards. Now, the team has decided to release it directly to the audience during Pakistan’s Independence Month.

In an emotional statement, Sarmad expressed his desire to “free” the film during this significant month.

He acknowledged the collective sense of loss and failure, stating that it wasn’t just his personal struggle, but a failure of the system to support independent voices.

The film, created without external funding or corporate involvement, was a passion project for Sarmad. However, it faced unfair treatment and discrimination.

Critical Analysis of film

Despite the challenges, Sarmad invites viewers to watch Zindagi Tamasha without prejudice, separating the film from the controversies surrounding it. He encourages them to critique the film based on its own merits and demerits.

Zindagi Tamasha was initially supposed to release in theaters in March 2020, but due to protests, it was postponed. Sarmad remains grateful for the film’s recognition and is honored that it will represent Pakistan.

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The film, set in Lahore, revolves around the life of an elderly man whose video goes viral on social media, causing chaos.

Khoosat Films invites viewers to experience the story directly on YouTube, and there is an option to support the filmmakers by contributing through YouTube’s features.

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