Who is responsible for PMO leaks, Imran asks ‘neutrals’

responsible for PMO

Military Establishment’s Neutrals

Imran Khan, on Friday, questioned the military establishment’s “neutrals” about who was to blame for the Prime Minister’s Office security breach. 

Imran’s comment follows a steady stream of audio recordings of government officials in the Prime Minister’s Office having supposedly honest talks that were never intended to be heard by the public that has recently come to light. 

The PTI leader allegedly spoke with his former ministers and main secretary about a cypher that he has long used as proof of a “foreign conspiracy” to remove him from office in the most recent audio recordings. 

Collective National Security

A number of audio recordings of talks between important government figures, including Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, PML-N leader Maryam Nawaz, and several members of the federal cabinet, were made public last week, raising concerns about our collective national security. 

“I ask them [neutrals] that the audio leaks of the Prime Minister Office […] if the security of the Prime Minister Office has been compromised […] this indicates that our enemies have our critical information. Who is in charge of it?” 

“I ask the guards today […] Can the guards claim to be neutral if bandits are pillaging a house? What are the locals going to say?”

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Guards were Neutral

Imran asserted that Pakistan was also being “robbed” today while stating that the guards were neutral despite the fact that the home was being looted. 

He continued by asking “who will protect the interests of the country” if the “neutrals” were simply in charge of prosecuting social media users, YouTubers, and television networks. 

The PTI leader continued to say in front of his supporters that those who claimed to be apolitical were “in fact, animals.” 

Imported and Corrupt Administration

The PTI leader continued by declaring that he was getting ready to launch a campaign against the “imported and corrupt administration,” vowing to go up against them even if he had to act alone. 

“The nation should not be worried if I am not afraid because I am not afraid of dying or going to jail.” 

“Today, I’m letting my country know that I will never accept these looters. Wait for my call; once I do, there would be no turning back,” Imran continued.

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