Shehbaz Wants to Work With Imran Khan ‘For Crisis Sake’

Shehbaz Wants to Work With Imran Khan ‘For Crisis Sake’

Suffering from Continuous Rain and Flooding

Imran Khan received an olive branch from Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday, asking him to temporarily put aside his animosity and cooperate to help his people who are suffering from continuous rain and flooding. 

The premier stated in a statement to the world press at the PM House that he wanted to get down with Mr. Khan to advance humanitarian operations and help the nation out of this situation. As the government and the former ruling PTI stand at daggers drawn over Mr. Khan’s alleged threats against the police, judiciary, and army, Mr. Sharif made an unprecedented appeal to his predecessor: “Let’s put together a united effort, let’s move with unity of thought and action, let’s set aside our differences.” 

In addition to this engagement, the PM had a busy Tuesday as he contacted a number of foreign leaders to express his gratitude for providing Pakistan with moral and financial support to lessen the pain of the flood victims. 

Proposed To Construct a Charter of Economy

Mr. Sharif claimed he had often proposed to construct a “charter of economy,” but Mr Khan did not take him seriously. He also denied concerns that the rescue attempt may have been delayed because the media was focused on the squabbles between politicians. 

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The PM also effectively ruled out the option of importing vegetables from India to make up for shortages brought on by the terrible floods, stressing that the two parties needed to discuss the situation with regard to human rights in India-held Kashmir. He continued by saying he was prepared to discuss the matter with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. 

Government Is In Contact With Russia

However, Mr. Sharif revealed that a committee had been established to look into the potential of importing fruits, vegetables, and other food items, and that the government had been in contact with Russia regarding the import of wheat. 

Following the meeting, he tweeted as well, saying: “If it’s us today, it may be someone else tomorrow. The threat posed by climate change is strong, tangible, and in our immediate vicinity.”

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