Shakira Opens Up about Her Broken Dream of Forever With Gerard Piqué

shakira opens up about her broken dream of forever with gerard piqué

shakira opens up about her broken dream of forever with gerard piqué

In a recent interview Shakira, the famous singer, talked openly about her breakup with Gerard Piqué, who was her partner for a long 11 years. She shared how she had once hoped they would be together forever, just like in a fairy tale.

Shakira and Piqué are also parents to two young boys, Milan and Sasha. She had this beautiful dream of having a perfect, lifelong love story with Piqué, just like the ones we hear in stories. She said I believed we’d be together forever. I had this Dream not only for Myself but also for my Children.”

Shakira admired her Parents who have been Married for an incredible 50 years as a Shining example of True love. She thought she and Piqué could have the same kind of love story. She explained, My parents have been together for Such a long time and they still love each other as if it were the very first day. So, I believed it was Possible.”

However, life had different plans for Shakira and Piqué. When asked if she’s happy now. she couldn’t give a Simple yes or no answer. She said, Happiness isn’t something that everyone gets to Experience. It’s something that only a few People find and right now, I don’t feel like I’m one of them.

Shakira expresses her Feelings through her Music. Sometimes she’s cheerful, Sometimes she’s Sad, and Sometimes she’s lost in Deep thoughts. Her songs now reflect all these different emotions she’s going through.

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Shakira’s interview Reminds us that even Famous people like her go through tough times in their Relationships. Life doesn’t always go according to Our Plans, and Everyone, no matter who they are has to Navigate the ups and downs of Love and Family.

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