Shahrukh Khan & Virat Kohli Fans War

Shahrukh Khan & Virat Kohli Fans War

Shahrukh Khan and Virat Kohli, both are doing best in their fields. Shahrukh Khan is one of the most famous figure of Bollywood and Virat Kohli is world class Cricketer from India. Both have a lot of fans around the world who love their idols and follow them on social media.

Recently fans of both celebrities got engaged in an ugly fight on social media about merits and performances of both the celebrities. Kohli’s fans boasting over the fact that Virat Kohli has a lot more followers on Instagram than Shahrukh Khan.

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Shahrukh Khan Fans started taunting the performance of Cricketer as Indian Premiere League is on the way. Both the fans tried to defend their celebrities and filled twitter with a lot of bad comments.

SRK VS. Kohli

Shahrukh Khan and Virat Kohli both are doing great in their own fields. There is jo way that one could decide between the merits of two biggest superstars of India. The fans group of both the idols started an ugly fight with derogatory remarks, expletives and low blows flying.

Fans started putting google screenshots about best actor vs best cricketer. Fans of Virat Kohli tried to protect their idol from any kind of bad comments but SRK fans were also not tolerating any thing against the celebrity.

SRK fandom commented that Virat Kohli is one of the most arrogant player without any performance. He just shows his rude behavior and grudges in game.

Kohli Fans were also not less than SRK fans, they just listed number of flop films given by Shahrukh Khan and neglecting the succesfull picture given by legendary SRK.

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Some of the fans on Twitter also said that both are from different fields. There is no way to compare them in any chance. Both are Indians and doing really great job for their country.

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