Senator Rabbani Warns ‘Intervention’ To Affect Parliament 

Senator Rabbani Warns ‘Intervention’ To Affect Parliament 

Raza Rabbani Issued A Warning

Raza Rabbani, former Senate leader, issued a warning that any “soft intervention” by the military would have an immediate impact on the legislature. 

Mr. Rabbani encouraged the speaker of the National Assembly and the head of the Senate in separate but identical letters to do their part to save the parliament since the federal and parliamentary character and system in Pakistan were under constant attack by the governing class. 

Chief Executive And Controlled Parliamentary Systems

“In the course of Pakistan’s 75-year history, the elite had experimented with a variety of political structures, including military dictatorships, One Unit, presidential and quasi-presidential forms, party-free elections, an unelected majlis-i-shoora (parliament), and chief executive and controlled parliamentary systems,” the PPP senator claimed.

According to him, “the founding fathers’ vision for Pakistan was against the grain of these systems. They were unable to understand the federation’s political, economic, and cultural diversity.” 

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Parliament Was Purposefully Crippled

According to him, parliament was purposefully crippled, failing to synthesise this heterogeneity and falling into disorder as a result. 

Similar to Bonapartists, those who supported the political movement in France that sought to restore the French empire under the Bonaparte family, Mr. Rabbani claimed that the ruling elite in Pakistan, which included Ayubians, had always sought to reinstate the 1962 Constitution and its economic and cultural regime. 

Inclusion Of Parliament

The inclusion of parliament was being replaced by the marginalisation of provinces and their various populations, according to Mr. Rabbani, in order to attain these goals with malicious intent. 

According to him, “the rot has begun and the process of disintegrating parliament has started due to the systematic feeding of parliament on germs and fungi.” 

As a result, “the trichotomy of power envisaged in the Constitution is being trampled upon, the unbridled right of parliament to legislate within the limits defined by the Constitution is being questioned, presiding officers are being summoned, and Article 69 of the Constitution has virtually disappeared.”

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