Senate Committee Urges Quick Elections in Pakistan

senate committee urges quick elections in pakistan

senate committee urges quick elections in pakistan

The Senate Standing Committee on Parliamentary Affairs in Pakistan recently made an important recommendation to the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP). They suggested that the ECP should organize elections within the next 90 days. This move aims to speed up the election process by reducing the time allowed for filing complaints about constituency boundaries from 30 days to just seven.

This committee is led by Senator Taj Haider from the Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP). He reminded the ECP of its constitutional duty to hold elections promptly after the dissolution of the National Assembly. When the National Assembly ends its term the elections must follow without unnecessary delays. ECP asked to announce the election schedule as soon as possible.

The ECP’s Secretary, Omar Hamid Khan, shared important details during the meeting. He said that the proper plans for constituency boundaries would be announced to the public on September 27. it would take about 60 more days to review and address any complaints.

Khan also highlighted the vast number of polling stations needed, with a significant portion being labeled as sensitive or highly sensitive. These classifications are made to ensure security during the elections. He mentioned that over a million polling staff members would be required for the upcoming general election.

The committee also asked about how election results would be collected and verified. The ECP secretary explained that electronic devices with special software developed by the ECP would be used to send election results to returning officers. This technology would help ensure that the election process is legitimate.

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Also there was discussion about the use of funds for development projects. Senator Haider thinks that funds should be used for projects that have already been approved. The ECP secretary clarified that there was no ban on projects approved before August 15.

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The Senate committee’s recommendation aims to speed up the election process in Pakistan. They want to make sure that elections are held promptly after the dissolution of the National Assembly. This move is crucial to uphold democratic principles in the country.

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