Recordbreaking Kukri is about to Release

Recordbreaking Kukri is about to Release

With the talented & brilliant cast, a sensitive matter with haunting visual atmosphere is about to come to screens. Kukri seems to artfully delve deep into the psyche of a serial killer and aims to shed light on importance of child protection.

Eveready Pictures shared the first official trailer on Instagram with caption, Ban lifted after a full year from the untold story of serial killer Javed Iqbal-Kukri. The film will be screening in cinemas on June 2, 2023.

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Protecting Children from Predators

The film sheds light on importance of protecting children from attack of predators. The trailer showcases a series of interrogative and confrontational conversations between Ayesha Umar and Yasir Hussain as an attacker and a police officer.

Yasir Hussain played the character of serial killer, his performance exudes a sense of unease capturing the psychotic and unhinged nature of the character.

From the intense trailers, it is evident that Yasir Hussain has delved deep into the psyche of character. His actions towards children are harsh and sense of discomfort can be felt from just the trailer.

Ayesha Umar played the character of tough investigation officer, commanding presence and determined demeanour make her a formidable force in the film. She added a layer of strengeth and resilience in the film with her character.

The cinematography of film creates a sense of foreboding, enhancinv the overall impact of story. The use of shadows, lightening and dark theme depicts the seriousness of matter and impending danger.

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The main subject of film revolves around a serial killer Javed Iqbal, and aim is to raise awareness against child abuse. The film depicts a chilling reality of crimes and convey a strong message against child abuse.

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