Prime Minister Imran Khan lauds overseas Pakistanis for record remittances


Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan has lauded and appreciated the Pakistanis living overseas for their record remittances submission. PM said that their love for Pakistan is “unparalleled”.

Prime Minister Imran Khan posted a tweet on Monday that read, “The love & commitment of Overseas Pakistanis to Pakistan is unparalleled. You sent over $2bn for 10 straight months despite Covid, breaking all records.”

“Your remittances rose to $2.7bn in Mar, 43% higher than last yr. So far this fiscal yr, your remittances rose 26%. We thank you,” he added.

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PM had also appreciated the remittance payment in February for a record increase in 2021 as compared to last year.

The February tweet had said, “Remittances from overseas Pakistanis were $2.27 bn in Jan, up 19% over Jan 2020 – 8th consecutive month of remittances above $2b. To date in this fiscal year they are up 24% compared to last year; this is a record for our country and I thank our overseas Pakistanis.”

During Covid-19 pandemic when the country’s economy has been struggling, the remittances sent in by overseas Pakistanis has been a crucial element in supporting rupees and help it grow stronger. Apart from the remittances, additional inflow from overseas Pakistanis through Roshan Digital Account (RDA) into various assets like savings certificates, property and stocks too have kept the growth of rupees steady.

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