Price of wheat increased by Rs6 per KG

Price of wheat increased by Rs6 per KG

Flour Rates Increased by Rs. 6 Per Kg

The cost of several types of flour increased by Rs6 per kg on Tuesday as people struggle to pay for expensive food and electricity expenses. 

The price of flour number 2.5 has been increased to Rs88 per kg from Rs82 per kg the previous week and Rs78 per kg the final week of May. 

Premium Flour Variants Were Pricesd At 81

Similar to coarse wheat, maida (ultra-fine flour) now costs Rs91 per kilogramme as opposed to Rs85 per kg the previous week. In the third week of May, these premium flour variants were priced at Rs81. 

In an interview with a news source, a miller gave the new price for a 10 kg flour bag, which was Rs785 previously. The new price is Rs885. 

Cost Of Chakki Flour Has Increased

According to a shopkeeper, the cost of chakki flour has increased from Rs 90 to Rs 100 in the past month. Bake Parlour and Ashrafi fine flour are sold in branded 10 kilogramme bags for Rs950, whereas the cost of a five kg bag is often between Rs480 and Rs490. 

A flour miller in Karachi claims that for more than a month, producers have been calling for the easy transportation of wheat to Karachi from Sindh’s farming regions. To stop the unfettered flow of grain to Karachi, the Sindh Food Department established checkpoints across the interior of the province. 

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He put the price increase down to higher transportation expenses brought on by a recent increase in fuel prices of Rs119 per litre. 100 kg sacks of wheat flour are currently retailing for Rs7,800–8,000, up Rs7,200 from the third week of May. 

Delay In The Arrival Of Grain Could Not Be Tolerated By Millers

Since the beginning of the wheat procurement season, Karachi, which is not a wheat-producing region, has been experiencing a wheat problem. He claimed that any delay in the arrival of grain from the interior of Sindh could not be tolerated by the millers in Karachi. 

Wheat Movement From Interior Sindh To Karachi

He continued by saying that no concrete efforts had been made and that the Sindh Food Department had just offered millers phony claims regarding the return of unfettered wheat movement from interior Sindh to Karachi. 

In the meantime, the Pakistan Flour Millers Association (PFMA) had asked the food ministry to either ensure full availability of the grain or altogether halt wheat supplies from Sindh areas to Karachi. “The food department’s game of cat and mouse could lead to any undesirable circumstance in the coming days, such as a halt in the delivery of flour to the megacity. The food department would be in charge in this circumstance, according to the PFMA. 

In order to guarantee the availability of the staple food item at a fair price, the group urged Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif to permit the free movement of wheat and wheat products last month. 

Along with government organisations, flour mills also buy wheat on the open market. The PFMA emphasised that millers should not be prohibited from purchasing wheat.

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