Petrol price hike, more people adopting public transport: Report

Petrol price hike, more people adopting public transport: Report

Motorist In Several Major Cities Switch To Public Transport

Since May 20, 2022, Pakistan has seen three major increases in fuel prices. Petrol and diesel costs have surpassed Rs. 230 per litre and Rs. 260 per litre, leading motorists in several major cities to switch to public transportation. 

Around 100,000 intracity travellers in Multan, Lahore, and Rawalpindi have begun to rely on BRT, intracity train, and feeder bus services, according to a media source. 

It is also worth noting that 7,000 people in Multan have switched to the metro bus service. 

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Lond Distance Buses Have Increased Their Cost By 35%

The study goes on to say that long-distance buses have increased their costs by up to 35 percent, causing commuters to switch from air-conditioned buses to non-air-conditioned buses because of the lower fares. 

According to a PMTA official, the government intends to significantly subsidise intracity transportation services in order to reduce fares. 

There is currently no strategy in place for long-distance bus services. Transporters have asked the government to enhance subsidies so that their services can continue to operate and benefit the general people.

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