Pervaiz Elahi arrested again after being released

pervaiz elahi arrested again after being released

pervaiz elahi arrested again after being released

Pervaiz Elahi, a key leader of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), was arrested again shortly after he was let go.

Initially, Pervaiz Elahi was arrested and he spent three months in jail. Then, the Islamabad High Court said he should be released and the police agreed. But here’s the twist, right after he left the police headquarters, he was arrested again, this time by a special police team called the Anti-Terrorism Squad (ATS).

The reason for this whole back-and-forth is something called the “Maintenance of Public Order” (MPO). At first, he was held under this law, and the Islamabad High Court said, “Let him go.” But then, he was arrested again under a different MPO, which confused many people.

Elahi’s lawyer argued that he couldn’t have caused any trouble while in jail for three months. He also said that there were no new cases against Elahi in Islamabad and the old corruption case against him was dropped by the Lahore High Court.

The Islamabad High Court asked if Elahi had done anything like causing riots or holding big rallies in Islamabad, and his lawyer said, “No.” They also got worried about a similar situation involving another PTI leader.

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So, in simple terms, Pervaiz Elahi got arrested, then released, and then arrested again under different laws. It’s a bit of a legal and political puzzle, and people are waiting to see what happens next. Until then, he’s been told not to say anything in public and everyone is keeping an eye on how this story unfolds.

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