High Court Orders Release of PTI’s Parvez Elahi

high court orders release of pti's parvez elahi

high court orders release of pti’s parvez elahi

The Islamabad High Court (IHC) did something important. They told the police in Islamabad to release Parvez Elahi,

Parvez Elahi got arrested under a law called 3-MPO This happened right after he was released from another arrest by the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on September 1.

Parvez Elahi didn’t like being arrested again, so he asked the IHC to help him. He wanted them to say that his arrest under 3-MPO was not right.

A judge at the IHC listened to his request. They looked at the 3-MPO order, which is a rule made by a local government officer. Parvez Elahi’s lawyer argued that he’s been in jail for three months and hasn’t caused any trouble. They also said he hasn’t said anything bad in four months.

The lawyer said that Parvez Elahi doesn’t have any problems with the law in Islamabad, and he was already let go in a corruption case. Another court had said his arrest in that case was wrong.

The IHC judge asked if Parvez Elahi had done anything bad in Islamabad, like starting riots or big protests. The lawyer said no. He has done nothing wrong.

The IHC judge said that Parvez Elahi has been in jail for a long time. So, they told the local government officer in Islamabad to come to court for the next hearing.

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The IHC also told Parvez Elahi not to say anything until the next hearing.

Another court in Lahore, Lahore High Court (LHC), also looked into this situation. They asked the person in charge of Islamabad to bring Parvez Elahi to court. The LHC thought the government was not doing what they should.

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Both courts are working on this case to see if Parvez Elahi’s arrest was right or wrong. It’s a big deal because it’s about fairness and the law, no matter who you are in politics.

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