Pakistan Disappointed Over UNSC’s Failure to Agree on Gaza Ceasefire

pakistan disappointed over unsc’s failure to agree on gaza ceasefire

pakistan disappointed over unsc’s failure to agree on gaza ceasefire

Pakistan expressed deep Disappointment over the UN Security Council’s Failure to Call for a Ceasefire in Gaza where Israel’s Relentless Bombardments have Claimed over 17,000 lives. The Foreign Office stated that Despite the UN Secretary General’s warnings and the invocation of Article-99 of the UN Charter, the Council failed in its primary responsibility to maintain international peace and Security.

The Collective Punishment endured by the People of Gaza is deemed unprecedented and unacceptable by Pakistan. The Country Reiterated its call for an immediate and Unconditional Ceasefire urging Israel to end its Attacks and inhumane Siege on Gaza. The FO Stressed the need for the UN Security Council to act Promptly to End the Conflict and Protect the People of Gaza from a Potential Genocide.

The Spokesperson Highlighted the Consequences of Israel’s Ongoing Campaign in occupied Palestine warning of Prolonged Human Suffering, Massive Civilian Casualties and forced displacement of Millions. There is also a Concern about the Possibility of triggering a wider and more Dangerous Conflict.

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The disappointment from Pakistan followed the United States’ veto of a UN resolution demanding an immediate humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza. Despite the resolution being backed by the majority of Security Council members and many nations, the US veto halted the effort, disregarding warnings from the UN Secretary-General about the impact on world peace and Middle East stability.

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The Statement underlined the Gravity of the Situation with Gaza’s health ministry Reporting 350 People Killed on a Single day Bringing the Death toll from Israel’s two-month Campaign to 17,487 with thousands more missing and Presumed Buried under Rubble. The Humanitarian Crisis in Gaza Continues to Worsen as Diplomatic efforts face Challenges in achieving a Ceasefire.

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