Hamas Leader Calls on Pakistan for Resistance Against Israeli Aggression

hamas leader calls on pakistan for resistance against israeli aggression

hamas leader calls on pakistan for resistance against israeli aggression

Senior Hamas Leader Ismail Haniyeh Suggested on Wednesday that if Israel were to Face Resistance from Pakistan the Ongoing Bombing in Gaza could Come to a Halt. Speaking at an event organized by Majlis Ittehad-e-Ummah Pakistan Haniyeh praised Pakistan as a brave nation and expressed hope that the country would stand against the cruelty inflicted by Israel. Referring to Pakistan as a Land of Mujahideen he emphasized the Challenges faced by the Palestinian People Due to Israel’s Occupation of their Territories.

Haniyeh Condemned Israel’s actions including the arrest of around 16,000 Palestinians and the Desecration of Holy Sites, Considering them Violations of international Norms. He Voiced Disappointment over the Non implementation of the Oslo Accords and the increased Occupation of Palestinian Territories. The Hamas leader warned against the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between Islamic Countries and Israel Stating that it Would Severely Damage the Palestinian Cause.

Expressing Opposition to Israel among those who closely follow the Quran, Haniyeh accused the United States and other countries of supporting Israel. He Expressed his hope for Israel to Retreat allowing the truth to Prevail. Haniyeh justified the attacks by Hamas Mujahideen as self Defense Claiming they Preempted Israel’s Plans for Occupation.

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Acknowledging the high expectations Palestinians have from Pakistan, Haniyeh expressed confidence in the strength of the country. Despite casualties exceeding 20,000 Palestinians in the conflict, he maintained hope in Pakistan’s potential to force Israel to retreat.

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He Characterized Jews as the Biggest Enemies of Muslims Worldwide Underscoring the Sacrifices made by Palestinians in the War and asserting that Pakistan’s Strength Could Potentially Bring an end to the Ongoing Conflict.

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