Four Dead in Karachi’s Arshi Shopping Mall Blaze

four dead in karachi's arshi shopping mall blaze

four dead in karachi’s arshi shopping mall blaze

A tragic incident unfolded in Karachi’s Ayesha Manzil, where a fire broke out in Arshi shopping mall and adjacent residential flats, resulting in at least four fatalities and two injuries. Mayor Murtaza Wahab stated that the fire is now under control and the cooling process is in progress. Authorities will assess the Losses once the fire brigade Completes its operation.

The Fire erupted in foam Shops within the Shopping mall quickly Spreading to Residential flats. Police reported that the mall Primarily houses foam Shops intensifying the Blaze. A Rescue Operation was launched to Evacuate individuals trapped in the affected Building utilizing Resources such as a Snorkel and a Bowser.

Residents shared their Experiences,expressing Gratitude for the evacuation Efforts. Fire Department Officials Categorized the Fire as the third level of intensity, engulfing the entire Building. Rescue 1122 Confirmed the Safe evacuation of 300 individuals emphasizing Ongoing firefighting and Cooling Processes to Contain the Situation.

Concerns about the Building’s Structural integrity Prompted a Safety Warning urging People to Stay away from the Premises. Sindh Chief Minister Maqbool Baqar took notice of the incident directing officials to closely monitor the situation.

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The Unfortunate incident Follows a recent fire at R.J. Shopping Mall on Rashid Minhas Road, resulting in 11 casualties. In response, Mayor Karachi Murtaza Wahab announced a ‘safety audit’ of major buildings across the city. The Audits will focus on evaluating Safety measures and emergency Evacuation Routes with Potential actions against those lacking adequate Safety infrastructure.

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Karachi, as Pakistan’s economic hub, faces challenges due to its vast network of factories and high-rise buildings. The city’s Firefighting infrastructure is often insufficient to Handle Frequent fire incidents. A symposium in November Highlighted that around 90% of structures in Karachi lack proper fire prevention and firefighting systems, emphasizing the need for comprehensive safety measures.

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