Pakistan and Iran have Historic Brotherly Relations: Solangi

pakistan and iran have historic brotherly relations solangi

pakistan and iran have historic brotherly relations solangi

Caretaker Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting Murtaza Solangi extended his Congratulations to the Government and People of Iran on the Momentous Occasion of the 45th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution in Iran.

Speaking at an event Organized by the Iranian Embassy in Islamabad to Commemorate the day Solangi Emphasised the deep-Rooted and fraternal ties between Pakistan and Iran.

Solangi reaffirmed Pakistan’s Steadfast Commitment to enhancing Bilateral Relations with Iran. He Underscored the Mutual Understanding and Shared aspirations between the two Nations acknowledging the Significance and Mutual Benefits of Fostering Friendly Relations.

Highlighting Iran’s Remarkable achievements in its Ongoing Journey towards Progress and Prosperity Solangi Commended the nation’s Perseverance and Dedication in Overcoming Various Challenges.

The Ceremony Served as a Platform to Celebrate the enduring Bond between Pakistan and Iran Reflecting the longstanding History of Cooperation and Mutual Respect. It also Provided an Opportunity to Reaffirm the Commitment to further Strengthen Bilateral ties in Various Fields including trade, Culture and Regional Cooperation.

Solangi’s Remarks Underscored the importance of Nurturing and Preserving the Strong Bonds of Friendship between Pakistan and Iran which have Stood the test of time. As both Nations Continue to Navigate through Evolving Regional Dynamics their Unwavering Commitment to Mutual Cooperation Remains Essential for Promoting Peace, Stability and Prosperity in the Region.

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The event Concluded with Renewed Optimism for the Future Trajectory of Pakistan-Iran Relations as both Countries Strive to Harness their shared Heritage and Common aspirations for the Betterment of their People and the Wider Region.

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Solangi’s Gesture of Felicitation not only Symbolises the Warm and Cordial Relations Between the two Nations but also Reinforces the Commitment to further Strengthening ties in the Years to Come. As Pakistan and Iran Continue to Collaborate on Various Fronts their Partnership Stands as a Beacon of Hope for Regional Cooperation and Progress.

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