Kashmir Day: Pakistan Declares Public Holiday on February 5″

kashmir day pakistan declares public holiday on february 5

kashmir day pakistan declares public holiday on february 5

The Federal Government of Pakistan has Officially declared February 5 as a Public Holiday in observance of Kashmir Solidarity Day, according to a Notification issued on Friday. The Holiday is intended to Demonstrate Solidarity with the People of Kashmir in their ongoing Struggle for freedom from Indian rule.

On this Public Holiday, the State of Pakistan will observe a one-minute Silence at 10 am to Express Solidarity with the Kashmiri People. Various Conferences, Demonstrations and events are Planned across the Country, Shedding light on the atrocities Committed by Indian troops over the Past Seven decades to Suppress the Kashmiri Struggle for Freedom.

The Kashmir issue Remains a Longstanding Point of Contention between Pakistan and India with Pakistan Consistently urging the international Community to facilitate a Plebiscite in Kashmir. Tensions escalated when the Indian Supreme Court ruled that Article 370, which Granted Special Status to Indian Illegally Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK) was a Temporary Provision, Declaring the Occupied territory an integral Part of India.

The Narendra Modi regime in Violation of United Nations Resolutions and international law revoked Articles 370 and 35A of the Indian Constitution on August 5, 2019. This move Eliminated the Special autonomous Status of IIOJK and imposed a Military Siege Splitting the State into two Federally administered Territories.

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The Recent Indian Supreme Court judgment Maintained that the Occupied territory had become an integral Part of India, Emphasizing its Position within the Indian Constitution. Despite this the Kashmir issue Remains a Global Concern and Pakistan’s Declaration of a Public Holiday on Kashmir Solidarity Day Reflects its Continued Commitment to Supporting the Kashmiri People’s Right to Self-Determination.

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As the nation Observes this Public Holiday, it Serves as a Reminder of the Ongoing Struggle for freedom in Kashmir and the need for international attention to address the Human rights violations and Political Complexities in the Region.

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