MQM Pakistan Party Doesn’t Trust the Person in Charge of Elections in Sindh

mqm pakistan party doesn't trust the person in charge of elections in sindh

mqm pakistan party doesn’t trust the person in charge of elections in sindh

The leader of MQM-P, Mustafa Kamal, said that people who don’t want to change the election areas are wrong. He believes they should change their minds.

Kamal also said they want a new person to replace Ejaz Anwar Chauhan because he used to work with the old government. They think this makes him unfair. They say if there was a need for a change, it should have happened already.

MQM-Pakistan says there should be no delays in the elections. They talked about a population count on April 7, which showed Karachi had 13 million people. But they say they have proof that 7.3 million more people live there than the count showed. So, they think they should update the election areas.

Kamal says trying to delay the elections won’t work. He asks the government to work with the people in charge of elections to make new areas for voting.

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He also talks about problems in Karachi, like dangerous uncovered holes in the ground, water being stolen, and issues with government bodies. He thinks these issues need to be fixed.
Kamal believes Pakistan needs to make big changes in how elections and democracy work because there have been problems in the past. He mentions problems with electricity and the need to improve many areas

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