Bowler Mohammad Irfan rejects rumours of his death

Bowler Mohammad Irfan rejects rumours of his death

Bowler Mohammad Irfan rejects rumours of his death

Pace bowler Mohammad Irfan on Monday denied baseless rumours of his death assuring his fans that he was fine and doing well. Taking to his personal Twitter account, he called the social media claims as fake news. 

“Some social media outlets have been spreading baseless fake news about my death in a car accident,” said Irfan

He said that he received numerous calls and messages from his well wishers asking about his health. He said the reports have distrubed his friends and family beyond words as he is doing absolutely fine and was not involved in any car accident.

He urged the news outlets to stop spreading fake news, calling on them to “please refrain from such things. There was no accident and we are well.” 

Some social media platforms had, without verifying the rumours, reported that the fast bowler had been killed in a fatal car accident. 

The news spread like wildfire as it was carried by multiple social-media based and electronic news channels in the country. Apparently, none of those accounts or TV news channels made an effort to verify the news.

Irfan is the tallest player in the world to play first-class cricket and has taken more than 109 wickets in 86 international one-day, test and T20 matches.

He last wore the Pakistan hat at a T20 in November, 2019 but has been benched since then.

Earlier, in 2017, Irfan was suspended by the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) after he failed to report attempts made by bookies for influencing the outcome of matches in the Pakistan Super League. 

Following his conviction, he was suspended and charged with a fine of Rs1 million.

The fake news of his death spread after the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) announced a deaf cricketer, also named Mohammad Irfan, had died of a stomach infection. 

Social media accounts confused the deaf cricketer with the pacer

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